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Comments on Site

Comments on the site and forum are moderated daily and the owner has the right to delete or edit a comment when any of the following conditions are in place:

  • Editing and Deleting – Carib Bookworm reserves the right to edit or delete any comment that does not pertain to the topic at hand, detract from the blog community as a whole, or that are deemed offensive or inappropriate. 
  • Spam – All comments that are considered to be potential spam will be deleted from the site.
  • Hateful Language or Attacking Other Members – Comments that are deemed hateful or attacking another member in the forum will be deleted from the site.
  • Profanity – Any comment that has profane language utilized will be edited to remove the potentially offensive content from the site.
  • Links – If a comment contains more than three links, it will be automatically considered spam and deleted from the site. 

Please note that blog and site owner retains the right to delete or edit any comment on the site submitted to the blog at any time without prior notice. This comment policy is subject to change. Please contact info@caribbookworm.com for any questions or concerns you may have about the privacy or terms and conditions policy. 


Other Conditions

The other terms and conditions of the blog include: 

  • Copyright information – We strictly adhere to all copyright laws in place. If you have a question or concern about possible infringement, please contact info@caribbookworm.com.
  • Warnings – We are not responsible for any content on another site that our readers may be lead to by clicking a link within our site. We are also not responsible for the availability of those sites. 
  • Site availability – There may be a time that our blog hosting server may be down and the site is not available. Those conditions are out of our hands and we ensure you that the site will return as soon as it possible. There may also be a time that the blog is disabled to take care of routine maintenance. We will try to keep these times to a minimum but cannot avoid down times at some point throughout the life of the site.