Carib Bookworm is a California native of Caribbean descent whose parents migrated to the USA from Trinidad and Tobago and St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the 70s in search of better opportunities and to start and raise a close-knit family.Carib Bookworm was born on November 15, 1984.She is a multifaceted individual who loves life and who strives to be the best possible version of self.  The Carib Bookworm blog is an outlet that she uses to encourage the individuality of self and of thought and where she promotes inspiration, philosophy, and art along with various other topics of discussion. Useful quotes, interpretations, book reviews, beautiful places, and unique experiences that INSPIRE new thoughts, growth, and development are provided periodically via the Carib Bookworm blog.


Carib Bookworm was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles and was primarily bused outto schools in the surrounding areas as well as homeschooled.  Throughout the course of her life, she has always found pleasure in reading and expanding her knowledge base with a wide variety of books and topics.  Thus, she decided to start a social media account for some of her passions such as reading and inspiration.Her mother, to whom she was very close, was at the core of what initiated her work. Her mother’s fight with cancer came to a close in August of 2009. That tragedy sparked something in Carib Bookworm;  it was the desire for a deeper understanding of life, not only hers but the lives of all human beings—a desire to discover what we are truly here for. Professionally, Carib Bookworm’s background is in real estate, education, and business. 


Carib Bookworm is also known as the ENTJ MBA. She acquired this title during her time in grad school at Mt. Saint Mary’s University where she had been required to take a personality test. While she doesn’t believe that either formal education or the results of any personality test is indicative of how enlightened, intelligent, or how successful one is capable of being, she does believe that utilizing these tools may be beneficial for some. With regard to the Myers Briggs and other comparable personality test, they can be used as a way of obtaining a better understanding of one’s own strengths and weaknesses in order to improve in various areas throughout the course of one’s life.


The Carib Bookworm blog is targeted towards those individuals who enjoy acquiring knowledge and who strive to improve themselves daily. The platform posts are intended to engage the reader on a deeper level than would be typical on various other outlets.  Disagreement, agreement, and neutrality – the engagement of civil dialogue and respectful discussions that utilize tact and diplomacy are encouraged on the blog from both Carib Bookworm and the blog’s visitors. The blog features debates and honest discussions about controversial topics that are meant to ignite some emotion. The goals here are always to find out “what” is right and not “who” is right and to acquire a deeper understanding about life and the world. There will be times where no consensus can be reached on an issue, thus leaving its participants to agree to disagree. Outlandish or bizarre posts are posted from time to time as well; however, they generally have some underlying philosophical meaning that’s meant to be pondered. Carib Bookworm often utilizes coupled quotes on her blog to stimulate a search for similarities between the two and to further interpret meaning. Current events that include social and cultural issues are included on the blog along with various other topics that range from but are not limited to theology and economic empowerment.


While Carib Bookworm is highly opinionated and outspoken as both a writer and professional speaker ( and will certainly state her position on many topics, her aim is never to impose her views and perspectives on others. Rather it’s to get individuals to think about things in a way that may be a bit foreign to them. Carib Bookworm may be viewed as a contrarian by some, since she is no stranger to questioning the status quo and will at times even engage in playing the devil’s advocate in order to draw out a deep discussion. All in all, her overall aim and goals are the same: to provide light, in a way that she deems fit, as she is tremendously passionate about contributing something of count to the world at large and to leaving a meaningful legacy behind.